Calibration Certificate and Service
All Bell Precision laser levels are pre-sale calibrated and certified.
Any knock, strong vibration or general use, can put the levelling instrument out of accuracy.
It's advised to self-check the calibration regularly or before a project, by following the Self Check steps below.
Calibration re-test and certification is recommended every 6 months or at least once a year, by an authorised service centre.

Self Check Your Rotary Laser Accuracy
1) Set up your laser on a steady tripod 30m away from a wall.
2) Align the laser so that one axis (X or Y) is parallel with the wall.
3) Where the beam hits the wall, draw a mark and label this mark point 'A'.
4) Turn the laser unit exactly 180° in the same place. When levelled and rotating, draw point 'B' on the wall.
5) If the gap between point A and point B is greater than 6mm, a service and calibration is necessary.
6) Check the second axis by turning the unit 90° and follow step 3. Label the mark point 'C'.
7) Repeat step 4. Label the mark point 'D'.
8) If the gap between point C and point D is greater than 6mm, service and calibration is necessary.
Send To
Sending your laser level to Bell Precision for calibration and service;
  • - Please send the unit inside it's hard carry case.
  • - Include your contact details, a return address and instructions for calibration or attention to any issue.
  • - Please send to: 
    • 240A Oceanbeach Road
    • Mount Maunganui
    • 3116
To identify any impact your instrument may receive from being dropped or bumped, a ShockWatch clip can be attached to the unit.
    • Calibration Target